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Driven to Provide Solution

Masterpiece studio is enriched artistically and inovatively with architecture and multimedia background. And with the principle of integrity and flexibility in making a work, our clients are very helpful

Here are our clients’ success stories. And we hope from the following story can give a clear picture about us

For Interior and VR impression, mostly clients do not have the interior design for their show unit. We can provide interior design as privilege once. And several clients build it into show unit. Our clients are very helpful in terms of time and cost.

Formerly our clients had to coordinate different vendors, which are impression, animation and VR vendors. It certainly takes time, cost and of course stress.
After they found us, they have more time to prepare launching event and of course time for family.
This is because the rendering, animation until VR can run simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions
These are the questions frequently asked by clients
Basically there are 3 stages: Modeling, Rendering and Post Production. And if you have 3D model, you can send it to speed up the process
With fixed data, a rendering can be done at least 3 to 7 days. And the time may take longer if there is a design change or preferences from the client
Basically the same stages with the making of impressions. For the time varies depending on the complexity of the animation and VR itself. For example: the animation of Business District from the aerial will be longer than the animation for one housing cluster or interior.
Yes, usually clients have only the floor plan. Then we help to design the interior, and develop it into interior rendering. We can help if clients provide design preferences.
Basically, there is not. But because it requires extra work, Masterpiece only give privilege in designing only once based on client’s references.
If you have 3D model from 3DS Max or Sketchup, you can send it to speed up the process. You can also give preference to give you the picture you want to accomplished.
Revisions are usually 2 times each stage, however we are very flexible. But if there is a design change from the client that exceeds 50%, then there will be additional charges.
Data will be sent via wetransfer. For 3D rendering for printed, the best format is TIFF with resolution between 3000-5000 dpi 300. For animation, the format is MP4. For VR, you will get HTML format which you can upload on your web to expand market.
Our concept is Cost Effective. So if you’ve made a rendering in us, and want to convert it to animation or VR, you do not have to pay double as if you were using 2 different vendors. You simply add the cost of rendering for animation or VR. With this concept you can save up to 50%.
Yes, we have a special promo for new clients, such as Free Upgrade to VR. And we also have a regular promo. If you are interested please contact us.
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